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Spanish Influenza Symptoms

Spanish Influenza Symptoms

spanish influenza is a disease that started way back in 1918 and 1919. During those times, it is considered as one of the most lethal outbreaks in history as it killed over 100 million people all over the world. It is called a ‘pandemic’ because of how many people it had killed. In fact, it is so deadly that it been considered by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention as the ‘mother of all pandemics’.

Unfortunately, the symptoms of this disease are quite common. Some people who may have experienced this have usually taken it lightly and thought that it might be an ordinary cough or cold. This is why you should always get yourself checked by a doctor. You’ll never know if you already have it.


One of the most notable signs that you are experiencing Spanish influenza is that you may notice a difference in your energy levels. This is fatigue. You’ll notice that what is usually easy for you to do is now difficult. You may also feel like lying down on your bed all the time. When you feel this, be sure to give yourself your much needed rest.


Aside from this, you may also experience a certain degree of pain all over your body. First, you’ll experience muscle and joint pain. Then, you’ll have a severe headache. All of these will contribute to your weakness which will further discourage you from moving.


You’ll also notice that your body temperature will become a little higher than usual. This means that you’ll have a fever which is quite common to flu. However, the fever for Spanish influenza is more severe. You may reach insanely high temperatures. Be sure to go to the hospital when this happens.


You’ll know that you have Spanish influenza when you’re coughing and have difficulty breathing. Nasal congestion is quite common in this condition coupled with sore throat and runny nose. The respiratory system becomes weaker in this type of disease. You may feel chest pain along with all the symptoms above.

Loss of Appetite

You may also feel that you don’t want to eat anything. In fact, you’ll be lucky if you want to take in some chicken soup. A food that used to be so enticing to you may change its appeal. You may try eating but the taste of the food will not be the same.

You may also see these signs in other types of influenza viruses. The only difference is that Spanish influenza is the most severe. Due to its severity, it can usually evolve to pneumonia which accounts for the most number of deaths. You’ll know you have pneumonia if you start to get chills and you have intense difficulty in breathing. If you feel that you may have contracted the Spanish influenza virus, you should have yourself confined in the hospital. This will not only let a doctor can monitor you but also prevent you from spreading the virus. If left untreated, Spanish influenza can kill you. Value your life. If you think that you may have Spanish influenza, see a doctor right now.

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  1. Hey so my friend had pneumonia a lot this year, and we were texting while he was sick once and he told me he had ‘influenza’ and I flipped. He told me he was terrified and crap like that until finally he told me he was joking. But recently we went through the whole dating game(we just decided that we would ignore it and pretend it never happened) but when we broke, I got a little sad and told my mom and she was just like ‘That kid is always out sick anyway you don’t wanna date that!’ And it got me thinking. We used to be in running club but towards the middle, he dropped out because running made him extra tired and made him cough. I only recognized the symptoms and disease from my Twilight book because that’s how Edward almost died and stuff. Do you think he could have it?

    • I am sorry to hear about his bad health, but I doubt if it could be Spanish Influenza. If it was Spanish Influenza you would have CDC knocking on his doors like crazy people.

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