Can Spanish Influenza Mystery Ever Be Solved?

Spanish Influenza

Almost 95 years ago, in a small town of Alaska, a poisonous virus named Spanish influenza attacked rapidly and viciously. This virus killed almost 90 % of the people in the town. Gold miners were hired by territorial government of Alaskan from Nome to bury the dead. Miners arrived in town soon after the treatment adversity, many of the victims had their breasts cut off and tossed into the pit next to them and were dig a pit four meters wide and 2 meters deep immediately. All the victims were covered with permafrost. In 1951, until the team of scientists dug up the victim bodies, scooped out lump of their lungs, and examined their tissue in a lab, victim peoples were remained unaffected and untouched . But unfortunately scientist were not able to recover the virus and bumped out the victim’s body. After 50 years scientists again till up another victim from same location, at that time a better protected, ... Read More »

Will H7N9 Bird Flu Become the Next Pandemic?

H7N9 Virus Bird Flu

H7N9 Virus known as Bird Flu has been recently reported to have spread in China. This virus, similar to the H1N1 and Spanish Influenza virus, has the possibility to become the next flu pandemic to mar the world. This is an early indication and thus we the people need to be vigilant to quarantine the strain of this virus before it becomes a cause of worry. Scientists report that unlike the other flu viruses, H7N9 or Bird flu spreads when someone comes in direct contact with the index patient (the person with the flu). However, the probability that H7N9 virus spread from person to person is very low and thus is the possibility of it becoming a pandemic. H7N9 Bird Flu Cases It seems the cases of H7N9 have been in touch with live poultry. The British Medical Journal, in ... Read More »

4 Things You Can Learn From the Spanish Influenza Pandemic


1918 was a time of great depression. Not only is it the time where millions of people were killed. It is also the age when an illness called Spanish Influenza came to plague the world. It is so severe that it has killed over 500,000 in the United States alone. This has spread across continents infecting everything in its path. But suffering does not seem to be all bad. We should not ignore all the lessons that we have learned from the pandemic. Here are some things that caused massive changes to happen in the medical industry. It Happened Because of the Lack of Scientific Knowledge The sound of a pandemic may sound scary but it is not because the illness is untreatable. With the medical technologies that we have today, Spanish influenza can be easily treated if not prevented ... Read More »